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Healthy bodies 4 grade

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healthy bodies 4 grade
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Short term plan:

Unit 6: Healthy world

Teacher name:


Grade: 4

Number present:


Lesson title

Healthy bodies

Learning objectives

4.​2.​6.​1 take turns when speaking with others in a growing range of short, basic exchanges;

4.​4.​2.​1 begin to use joined-up handwriting in a limited range of written work; use adjectives, including possessive adjectives, on a growing range of general and some curricular topics to describe things.

Lesson objectives

-To talk about food and drinks;

-to describe things using adjectives;

-to speak about healthy eating;

Value links

Integrity – Integrity is the quality of having strong moral principles. So, a person with integrity will always act with honesty and adhere to their own moral code regardless of what others do.


Stages / Time

Teachers actions

Students actions

Assessment criteria


Beginning of the lesson


3 min


«Brainstorming» method

7 min.

Organization moment :


Ask about the weather.

The teacher sets the lesson objectives, letting students know what to anticipate from the lesson.

Warming up

Where are you from?

How old are you?

What color is it?

How many students are there in class?

What day of the week today?

Revise the language of the previous lesson.

Lead – In:

-Look at the picture

-What are healthy food?

-What are unhealthy food?

The aim: To develop pupils speaking skills and create friendly atmosphere

Efficiency: By wishing each other they feel better and feel the support of others

Students of the class are listed.

Students' attention is drawn to the lesson.

Determines the topic and purpose of the lesson

Students say different words from the picture

The teacher to assess learners for their ability.

Good job!

Well done!”

Formative Assessment

Good job!


-know key phrases

- can make sentence

- know vocabulary of previous lesson

Total: 1 point

Assessment criteria

- Learners have met the learning objectives


Middle of the lesson

Presentation part.

30 min

Ex:5 P:84

Put the Time to eat poster up on the board. Point to the items, one at a time, and say the corresponding phrases. The pupils repeat, chorally and/or individually. Point to each item in random order. Ask individual pupils to name the item. Explain to the pupils that in today's lesson you'll talk about food and drinks. Ask them to tell you their favourite food and drink

Ex: 6 P: 84

Refer the pupils to the pictures and elicit the names of the food items. Read the dialogue aloud and explain the activity. The pupils, in pairs, ask and answer questions, as in the example. Go around the classroom providing any necessary help. Ask some pairs to report back to the class.

Ex: 7 P: 85

Underline the words in bold. The pupils repeat, chorally and/or individually. Then say and write on the board: I am having a piano lesson this evening. Underline the words in bold. The pupils repeat, chorally and/or individually.

Ex: 8 P: 85

Refer the pupils to the pictures and elicit the words. Explain the activity. Play the CD. The pupils listen and match. Check their answers. Ask the pupils to tell you what each person is doing for tomorrow's party.

Pupils listen, point and repeat. Then match


1 b 2 I 3 h 4 g 5 j 6 d

7 a 8 c 9 e 10

Pupils want to make a salad. Cap In pairs, decide what to include.


A: Let's put some tomatoes in our salad.

B: Yes, sure. Why not?

A: Let's put some carrots in our salad.

B: Oh, no. Let's put some cucumbers.

A: Let's put some mayonnaise in our salad.

B: Yes, sure. Why not? etc

Pupils match. Then talk with your friend.


2 a 3 b 4 e 5 c

A: What are you doing?

B: I'm going to the gym.

A: Going to the gym?

B: Yes. Exercising gives me more energy!

Pupils listen and match. Then say.


- listen, point and repeat

- then match

Total: 2 point

self assessment


- make a salad.

- decide what to include

Total: 2 point


- talk with your friend.

Total: 1 point

-Make CCQ questions Yes / No

Students book

End of the lesson

5 min


Learners provide feedback on what they have learned at the lesson.

Home task: Healthy eating

Poster Success

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