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Қысқамерзімді сабақ жоспары. Тақырыбы: "Sport in our life"

Автор:Есенгазиева Сандикул Кенесовна
Бағыты: Шет тілі
Бөлімі: Сабақ жоспары
Сыныбы: 5 сынып
Жарияланған уақыты: 2019-08-13

50-ден астам пәндер бойынша материалдарды тегін жүктеп, сабақ барысында қолдануға болады

Материал туралы қысқаша түсінік

Бұл қысқамерзімді сабақ жоспары жаңартылған оқу бағдарламасы бойынша 5 сыныпқа арналып құрылған.

Number present:absent:
Learning objectives5.3.3.1 give an opinion at sentence level on a limited range of general and curricular topics5.4.1.1 understand the main points in a limited range of short simple texts on general and curricular topics
Lesson objectives
  • Аll learners will be able to

  • read and understand the topic

  • name the pictures

  • apply phrases connected with the theme

  • Most learners will be able to

  • make up questions without support

  • apply their own opinion about the topic

  • discuss the questions in groups

  • act the role play

  • Some learners will be able to

  • retell the text

  • - compose mini-dialogue

  • Assessment criteria
  • read and define the main specific information

  • skim and scan in detail

  • develop learners’ critical thinking skills

  • match and fill the cluster

  • give their own opinion

  • Value links
    Cross curricular links
    ICT skills
    Previous learningTypes of sport
    Planned timingsPlanned activities Resources

    5 min

  • What mean these words?

  • Do you like to do sport?(Types of sport)

  • What sport do you like?

  • What information do you know about it?

  • Descriptor
  • suggest their own opinion

  • fill the cluster by supporting each other

  • Put the points 5-1



    Middle2 min

    7 min

  • name the picture

  • express their own opinion

  • Differentiation by tasksLess able learnersDescriptor
  • read the text

  • define the unknown words

  • memorize the unfamiliar words

  • More and most able learners
  • Why is sport so important in our life?

  • What exercises people need to do?

  • What sports are popular in our country?

  • What sports do you like to do?

  • Why do you like it?

  • Descriptor
  • give their own opinion

  • answer the questions

  • Learners:

    find 2 interesting facts in the text1. ---------------

    Who will finish their task first, will winDescriptor
  • define sequence correctly

  • retell the ready text

  • E.g. Box, swimming, skating, skiing, hockeyDescriptor
  • express own opinion

  • complete the diagram

  • Differentiation by support of a partnerE.g. Reporter: Hello! Welcome to our studio!Sportsman: Thank you! Nice to meet you!Reporter: When did you start your professional carrier?Descriptor:
  • make up questions

  • act out scene

  • Descriptor
  • -write 3 own sentences by the theme

  • TPR


    1 min


    Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?Health and safety check
    name the types of sport and give your own opinionDifferentiation by task and resources(W, I, f) While-reading, speakingLess able learnersMore and most able learners Differentiation by temp(W, G, f) Post - reading and speaking. “Jigsaw”Differentiation by classificationDifferentiation by support of a partner(W, I, f )Post –writingWrite 3 main sentences for the theme

    they have gained.Partners assess each other
  • Self-assessment Yes/No answers

  • Feed back

  • Used physical activities

    50-ден астам пәндер бойынша материалдарды тегін жүктеп, сабақ барысында қолдануға болады

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